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Jewel Mohr, MEd., IBCLC

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READ THIS FIRST: The contents in this introductory course: A Visual Guide to Structure and Function Issues in Infants are included our comprehensive course. If you have already taken our comprehensive course: Structure and Function: How the Infant's Structure Affects the Infant's Function, then you do not need to purchase this introductory course. 

This introductory course provides an overview of the causes and contributors of structural issues, how structural issues can affect infants, and how to visually assess structural issues in infants.  This course looks at reasons beyond oral issues (tongue-tie, congenital defects, etc.) that affect infant feeding and behavior. 

This course is excellent for lactation and birth professionals, postpartum doulas, IBCLCs, including parents, and any practitioner who works with infants but whose scope of practice does not allow hands-on assessment. 

This course is approximately 2 hours in length. Students will have 2 weeks access to complete the course.

NOTE: The content in this introductory course is included in our comprehensive course

There are no CERPs offered for this course.  A Certificate of Completion will be emailed to students who complete the course and pass the quiz.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. How to Use This Course

    3. Expiration Information

    4. FAQs and Refunds

    5. Certificate of Completion

    6. Copyright

    7. Infant Feeding Statement

    8. Instructor Bios

    9. Troubleshooting Steps

    1. Welcome

    2. Stay Connected with Us

    3. Course References

    4. Presentation Notes

    5. Bodywork Statement

    6. Learning Support: Breastfeeding and CranioSacral Therapy

    7. Learning Support: Chiropractic Care of a Pediatric Patient with Symptoms Associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    8. Learning Support: Applications of CST in Newborns and Infants

    9. Learning Support: CST and Tongue Tie

    10. Special Course Discount Just for You

    11. Other Recommended Courses

    1. Lecture 1 - Introduction

    2. Lecture 2 - Pregnancy

    3. Learning Support: The Effects of Forceps Delivery on Facial Growth

    4. Lecture 3 - Uterine and Other Contributors

    5. Learning Support: Intrauterine Growth Restriction

    6. Lecture 4 - Labor and Delivery

    7. Learning Support: How Pelvic Anatomy Affects In-utero Positioning, Labor and Delivery

    1. Lecture 1 - Let's Talk About Structure Part 1

    2. Lecture 2 - Let's Talk About Structure Part 2

    3. Learning Support: Sutures of the Infant Skull

    4. Lecture 3 - What Structural Issues Cause or Contribute To Part 1

    5. Lecture 4 - What Structural Issues Cause or Contribute To Part 2

    6. Learning Support: Infant Reflexes That Don't Integrate Successfully Can Lead to Developmental Delay

    7. Lecture 5 - Primitive Reflexes and Neurodevelopment

    8. Lecture 6 - The Infant Head, Face and Jaw Part 1

    9. Lecture 7 - The Infant Head, Face and Jaw Part 2

    10. Learning Support: Checking Your Baby for Signs of Plagiocephaly

    11. Learning Support: Feeding Infants with Recessed Jaw or Retrognathia at Breast or with Bottle

    12. Lecture 8 - Taking a Closer Look at the Infant Lying on Their Back

    13. Lecture 9 - Taking a Closer Look at the Infant Lying on Their Side

    14. Lecture 10 - Mod 2 Wrap-up

    1. Lecture 1 - The Possible Long-term Effects

    2. Learning Support: KISS Article Biedermann

    3. Lecture 2 - What We Can Do to Help - Anticipatory Guidance

    4. Learning Support: Benefits of Babywearing vs Carseat Carrying

    5. Learning Support: Container Baby Syndrome: What It Is and How To Prevent It

    6. Lecture 3 - Wrap-up

    7. Course Quiz

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